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Previously the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, PATH is now an online resource for homeowners, homebuyers, the and homebuilding industry. PATH catalogs the best resources on advanced building technologies and practices to emerge from the decade-long public-private partnership. We offer:



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CNC Machines

A CNC machine, or Computer Numerical Control machine, is a highly precise and automated tool used to cut, shape, and create various parts and products. By following computer-generated instructions, these machines can produce complex designs with incredible accuracy, eliminating the need for manual intervention. CNC machines are versatile and can work with a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and wood, making them essential in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive.

Choosing the right CNC machine depends on several factors, including the complexity of the projects, the materials to be used, and the budget. It’s important for users to clearly define their needs and objectives, such as production speed, precision, and the type of products they aim to produce. Understanding these aspects will help in selecting the most suitable CNC machine that aligns with their goals and ensures efficient and high-quality production.

Laser Engravers

Laser engravers, sophisticated pieces of technology, utilize high-powered lasers to etch, mark, or cut various materials with extreme precision. Operating under computer control, these machines can follow intricate designs and patterns, translating digital artwork into physical form on surfaces like metal, wood, glass, and plastic. The precision and versatility of laser engravers make them invaluable in diverse fields ranging from manufacturing and jewelry making to signage and personalized gifts.

Selecting the ideal laser engraver involves considering the material types you plan to work with, the size of the projects, and the desired level of detail in the engraving. Additionally, factors like the machine’s power, speed, and compatibility with different software can significantly impact its performance and the quality of the final product.

By understanding the specific needs of their projects, users can choose a laser engraver that best suits their requirements, ensuring they achieve professional-grade results whether in a commercial, educational, or hobbyist setting.

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