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The two appliances that are the focus of your laundry room, and the big energy consumers, are your clothes washer and dryer. Purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified models will save energy and water, along with several other benefits.

Clothes Washers

Clothes washer with front load.When purchasing a new clothes washer, look for ENERGY STAR qualified models. Replacing a clothes washer with an ENERGY STAR model will save 8,600 gallons of water per year and $75 per year in energy costs for the average household. Use the rebate locator to find any special offers in your area.

The current minimum allowed energy factor rating for standard capacity clothes washers is 1.18. ENERGY STAR labeled products have an EF or 2.5 or higher. In the future, there will a transition to a Modified Energy Factor (MEF), which accounts for the impact of remaining moisture in clothes on the dryer energy use. You can compare the ratings on the yellow EnergyGuide labels, which are required by Federal law on all new clothes washers.

An important factor to consider while purchasing a new washer is the option to choose various temperature settings and load sizes.

As with most large appliances, you should have the following on hand after you have purchased your new clothes washer: rebate, receipt, warranty, manufacturer’s operation and parts manual, manufacturer’s contact information.

Cold Water Rinse

There is no reason to use heated water for the rinse cycle. Multifamily building owners, especially, are encouraged to convert all laundry facilities so that they rinse with cold water only. Residents and homeowners whose clothes washers allow warm or hot rinse should be instructed to always use the “cold water rinse” setting.

Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers are not currently rated under ENERGY STAR guidelines. When purchasing a new dryer remember:

Look for a dryer that has adjustable heat settings.

Models with a moisture sensor feature will save you energy by shutting off automatically when the clothes are dry. Over drying wastes energy and can also damage clothes by shrinking them or causing damage to the fibers.

Properly maintaining your dryer will keep it running as efficiently as possible.

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