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Whole House Design
Professional Builder, December 2003
Builders increasingly are adopting a whole-house approach to design, looking at the house as an integrated system, rather than a collection of products and parts, to deliver a better home.

Give Durability a Chance
Professional Builder, October 2003
There's more to home durability than meets the eye. A few key points about "smart durability."

Controlling Indoor Air Quality
Professional Builder, September 2003
Improvements in construction and energy-efficient designs have resulted in today's "tighter" buildings, which often require dedicated ventilation systems.

Technology vs. Nature
Professional Builder, August 2003
Here's PATH's list of building practices you can adopt to improve your homes' odds of weathering major storms.

The Value in OVE
Professional Builder, July 2003
Advanced framing techniques help builders reduce the amount of lumber used while maintaining structural integrity. They not only lower costs, they also result in improved thermal performance.

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