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The New ABCs for HVAC **Concept Home Series** (second of four articles)
Professional Builder, November 2004
By taking advantage of the accessible spaces in open-web joists or raised ceilings, HVAC and other utilities can be easier to install and accessible for future repairs and upgrades.

Under One (Good) Roof
Her Home, Fall 2004
A little time spent thinking about the roof of your new home is time well spent.

Affordable Efficiency
Professional Remodeler, October 2004
Architect transforms inefficient and dilapidated Victorian townhouse into 21st Century dream home, and does it in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Next Generation of Plumbing **Concept Home Series** (first of four articles)
Professional Builder, October 2004
A new approach to integrating plumbing systems can simplify installation, ease maintenance and improve the home's livability, as well as the builder's bottom line.

PATH Unveils Its Concept Home to Embrace Evolutionary Technology
TecHome Builder, September/October 2004
As many homeowners and most homebuilders know, updating can come with a considerable cost to a home's walls and other structural elements. But imagine a home built to adapt to new technologies, whatever they might be. Attempting to do just that, PATH unveiled its first model of such a home at Union Station in Washington, D.C.

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems
Professional Builder, September 2004
Find out when it's better to use an aerobic wastewater treatment system than a conventional system.

Making the Most of the Lay of the Land
Her Home, Summer 2004
Decisions about site preparation and landscaping will have a lasting impact on home durability, the cost of its upkeep-and the environment.

Choosing Insulation
Professional Builder, August 2004
Enhance a home's energy performance by using the correct insulation.

Appraising the Appraisal Process
Professional Builder, July 2004
Learn the obstacles to proper valuation so you can more effectively promote innovative products in the homes you build.

PATH Offers New Perspectives On Affordability
ResearchWorks, June 2004
While the efficiency upgrades like the ones in this PATH demonstration home generally make up for the difference in their cost in about two to three years, the savings continue throughout the usable life of the home.

Code Relief
Professional Builder, June 2004
The regulatory process is killer. Computer software, the Internet and wireless technology can help streamline the amount of hoops builders must jump through.

Whole-House Remodeling with Steel Studs and Joists
Professional Remodeler, June 2004
Durability and stability make steel a good fit for residential work. A sidebar offers a time and cost analysis of steel vs. wood.

Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
Professional Builder, May 2004
Learn how this PATH Top Ten technology can save money for both builders and homeowners.

Modular Homes Gain Modern Acceptance
Professional Builder, April 2004
It's not what you think. Take a look at the competitive new modular homebuilding sector.

PATH Supports Low Impact Development in Florida
ResearchWorks, April 2004
The City of Gainesville, Florida is showing that smart growth strategies can pay big dividends.

Building Technology 101: The Building Envelope
Her Home, Spring 2004
Understand what's going on behind your walls, floors and ceilings.

Used and Improved?
Professional Remodeler, April 2004
Materials exchange programs offer builders and remodelers a dynamic marketplace--and market advantage.

Keep the Whole House Warm and Dry
Professional Remodeler, March 2004
Above-grade insulation techniques won't work in the basement.

PATH in the Colonias: Building Homes and Communities through Partnerships
ResearchWorks, March 2004
A PATH demonstration home sets a new standard for quality in affordable housing.

Green Building Goes Mainstream
Professional Builder , March 2004
Several indicators point to 2004 as a vanguard year for the green building movement as what has been niche moves into mainstream home building.

The PATH to Innovation
ResearchWorks, February 2004
A PATH demonstration site has attracted national attention as a model for sustainable housing and advanced building technologies.

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