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The PATH Top 10
Professional Builder, December 2005
PATH recommends that you start with the following techniques to improve a home's quality, durability, energy efficiency, environmental performance and affordability. PATH selected these techniques because they can dramatically boost a builder's ability to achieve these goals. The Top 10 supports green building technologies.

Preparing for the Next Flood
Alabama HomeBuilder, November/December 2005
The devastation of the 2005 hurricane season presents a stark reminder of the importance of building durable, disaster-resistant homes. Alabama builders and remodelers can make a marked difference in their homes' ability to withstand flooding through simple changes in materials or practices - changes that will make new structures more durable than the ones that stood before.

It's Raining Profits
Professional Builder, November 2005
Mother Nature is ironic. As one part of the country was being saturated by rain and flood waters, the rest of the country was suffering one of the longest droughts on record. Lush lawns baked to a golden straw; blooming buds dried as quickly as they grew. Home builders and owners alike were desperate to conserve any water Mother Nature delivered. Enter rainwater harvesting.

The Basics of Universal Design
Professional Remodeler, November 2005.
Whether it's a kitchen, a bathroom or an entire home, universal design improves the living space for everyone: the young, disabled, aging or - the rarest of people - perfectly average. In the meantime, you will also tap into an emerging market.

Upgrading Below Grade
Her Home, October 2005
But an unfinished basement really isn't a living area, is it? Mainly, it's storage, doubling as the involuntary destination for rambunctious kids on a rainy day. Which is a shame, really, because well-constructed basements have many characteristics that make them ideal for everyday uses. Basements are quiet, naturally cool and -- because they are separate from the primary living area -- inherently private.

Hurricane Construction: Thermal Mass Walls
Professional Builder, October 2005
An increasing number of homes are built with concrete walls every year - up from 3 percent to more than 16 percent over the past decade, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Concrete walls offer customers greater comfort, lower energy bills, termite and moisture resistance and superior resistance to fire and wind. Precast insulated concrete sandwich, or thermal mass walls, also offer builders speed of construction - for instance, Dow Chemical Company's Styrofoam precast T-Mass walls can be erected in as little as a day.

When Every Drop Counts
Professional Remodeler, September 2005
Even in the age of potfillers and second sinks, body jets and soaking tubs, some homeowners care about water conservation, an important component in green building. They'd like to reduce their water bill or their area is experiencing a drought forcing reduced useage. For homeowners in arid regions of the West and Southwest, this kind of thinking is a way of life. This summer's unusually high temperatures have consumers nationwide re-examining their utility bills.

Crawlspaces: To Vent or Not To Vent?
Professional Builder, September 2005
Traditionally, the most common method of dealing with moisture in crawlspaces - and the one longest endorsed by codes - has been to ventilate them. But does ventilation really provide the drying and moisture control desired? Is there a better way? What about the energy impacts?

Best Practices Are in the Air
Professional Builder, August 2005
Through its Tech Set approach, PATH is helping builders limit callbacks by promoting affordable, durable and energy efficient HVAC systems that maximize occupant comfort and indoor air quality while emphasising green building principles.

Raising Ceilings Without Raising the Roof
Professional Remodeler, August 2005
Creating a cathedral ceiling in a ranch or split level home is one of the easiest ways to break out of the box, architecturally speaking. Cathedral ceilings can open up a house, adding a more spacious feeling to just about any room. On the other hand, rooms with cathedral ceilings can be difficult to heat and cool. Homeowners may love the appearance of their newly remodeled room, but find that it is uncomfortable to live in. Proper design, planning and building techniques will make the new ceiling look and function better.

Building for Survival in Hurricane Country
Professional Builder, July 2005
Last year's devastating hurricane season was a wake-up call for home builders and homeowners alike. According to one survey, the storms damaged one out of every 10 houses, apartments and manufactured homes. The storms left in their wake not only shocking destruction, but also a lesson about the importance of hurricane-resistant design and construction.

Adding on Without Regrets
Her Home, Summer 2005
An addition can make living much easier if it's carefully planned and well built, so plan ahead to create an addition that solves problems without creating others.

Ashes and Opportunity
Professional Remodeler, July 2005
Whether remodeling, adding a room, restoring fire damage or doing repairs and replacements, contractors can help homeowners avoid repeat or potential fire disaster.

Beautiful Durability
Professional Remodeler, June 2005
Warm. Inviting. Inspiring. These words are not what clients think of when envisioning concrete - but maybe they should be.

Low Impact Development: An Alternative Approach to Site Design
The American Planning Association's PAS Memo, May/June 2005
Low impact development is a cost-effective, green, and visually appealing approach to site design that involves innovative land planning practices and technologies for managing stormwater and wastewater.

The Payback on Panels
Professional Builder, May 2005
A way to build better and faster - what's not to like? Builders are finding there's a lot to like when building with advanced panel systems.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Keeping Indoor Air Clean and Comfortable
Her Home, Spring 2005
If you're planning to build a home, you're in the perfect position to make it a healthy one by considering several techniques for improving indoor air quality.

Distinguish Yourself Through Advanced Technology
Nation's Building News Online, April 25, 2005
Incorporating even a few new technologies and practices that increase the quality of your homes can translate into dramatic savings in materials, labor, callbacks and time. [IMAGE: More, Better, Faster, Cheaper, PATH article in California Builder]

PATH Tutorial Townhouses
Professional Builder, April 2005
Build a home - start to finish - in three weeks, and complete the site work in just six days? This was just one of several challenges for Nationwide Custom Homes, the modular home builder behind the PATH Tutorial Townhouses at the International Builders' Show in Orlando this January.

Heat for the Feet
Professional Remodeler, April 2005
Warm, clean, and efficient, radiant floor heating is increasingly popular in new homes, but it remains a rarity in remodeling, as many contractors believe radiant heating is impractical to install in an existing home.

More, Better, Faster, Cheaper
California Builder, March/April 2005
Many technologies can increase the quality and durability of homes, cut construction and labor time, reduce the overall construction price, and distinguish the innovative builder in today's competitive market.

The Factory Factor **Concept Home Series** (final of four articles)
Professional Builder, March 2005
How does building a home that looks exactly like other homes, but performs better and can be finished in 20 days grab you? This is what factory built homes have to offer.

Retrofit with Structured Wiring
Professional Remodeler, March 2005
Where new-home technology ventures, existing-home technology often follows. More than 42 percent of new homes built in 2002 included structured wiring, making it the most widely incorporated technology in new homes.

Going Tankless
Professional Remodeler, February 2005
Widely used in Europe and Japan, tankless water heaters offer continuous on-demand hot water and lower water heating bills.

Flooring for a Healthy Home and Planet
Her Home, Winter 2005
Flooring is a vital design element that sets a tone for the overall feel of each room, unites or defines spaces, and can contribute to the environmental quality of your home.

From Fantasy to Reality **Concept Home Series** (third of four articles)
Professional Builder, January 2005
Some builders view the electronic gadgetry associated with home automation systems as part of a distant, hi-tech future. But for many others, the future is now.

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