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December 19, 2007

America's Inaugural PATH Concept Home
Purchased By First-Time Homeowners

Omaha Home is an Efficient, Sustainable, Affordable Model for the American Dream

The PATH Concept Home is a glimpse into the future of America’s housing. For first-time homebuyers Howard and Marcella Dial and their family, it means a brighter and more exciting future.Omaha, NE -- The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) Concept Home is a glimpse into the future of America's housing. For first-time homebuyers Howard and Marcella Dial and their family, who received the keys to HUD's Concept Home Omaha, it means a brighter and more exciting future.

"This is a great day for the Dials and American housing," HUD Assistant Secretary Darlene F. Williams said. "By using advanced building techniques and applying cutting-edge technologies, the PATH Concept Home demonstrates how innovative building can create affordable, energy-efficient homes."

Opening to accolades in June, the PATH Concept Home Omaha, a 2,000 square foot craftsman-style house located in a dynamic urban neighborhood, combines dozens of innovative products and systems with traditional design elements to create a comfortable and affordable home. This was accomplished through the support of manufacturers like Masco Corporation and Georgia-Pacific and the generosity of the City of Omaha.

The Concept Home was designed for flexibility (easy to update and expand for different life stages, new owners or the latest technological innovations); efficiency (easy to build and easy to live in) and; sustainability (featuring green, energy efficient products, systems and materials). The Concept Home meets ENERGY STAR™, Environments For Living® and LEED for Homes criteria.

The Dials purchased the house after qualifying for financial assistance through the City of Omaha and HUD's HOME Program, as well as $1,000 from the Nebraska Affordable Housing Trust Fund. It should make a wonderful home for the young family, which includes three boys and one girl. Marcella is a Library Specialist with Creighton University and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Public Relations. Howard is a Diesel Mechanic for First Student, Inc.

"I have gotten to know the Dial family very well, and I am proud to join with HUD to present the keys to America's first PATH Concept Home to such a hard-working, deserving family," Pages said. "PATH has built a quality home that offers the latest innovations in technology and will provide long term durability, low maintenance and manageable utility bills - all so important to families looking for affordability."

While the story of the first PATH Concept Home closes, the second one has already begun. To be built in South Carolina's low country, the  HUD's Concept Home Charleston will continue to demonstrate construction efficiency, flexibility and sustainability while focusing on durability-- like high winds from hurricanes, termites, and a climate with year-round humidity that can lead to moisture and mold problems.

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Content updated on 6/2/2008

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