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The European Network of Building Research Institutes (ENBRI) was founded in 1988 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding. At present, it includes the principal building research institutes of Member States of the European Union and of the European Economic Space. In 2000 its membership has been extended to European Candidate Members.


Combining the technical skills and resources of the individual institutes in a network of building research facilities and information sources

Cooperating in advising the Commission of the European Union, companies and consultants, and users and clients of the building industry throughout Europe. ENBRI’s advice covers all technical aspects of building materials, components, systems and services

Providing advice on the free movement of construction products within the Single European Market and on the development of innovative products and/or services. ENBRI’s services range from short term actions for individual clients, to the development and execution of long term research projects for major European institutions.

Sharing the resources of their most outstanding test and research facilities to offer a large range of services to companies, to consultants, and to users and clients of the building

Encouraging the exchange of information between Member-Institutes and the collaboration in common research projects. Each Member-Institute can involve other relevant organizations in the preparation of advice and in supporting research programs, as appropriate.

Cooperating through the European Economic Interest Grouping “ENBRI Development” to develop and execute for clients special testing programs and research and development program


As a founding and active member of ECCREDI, ENBRI provides assistance to ECCREDI in the preparation of consensus views and submission of policy papers and contributions to Commission reports and EC Communications. Important inputs to the following contributions were delivered by ENBRI:

Position paper dealing with the “Green paper on Innovation”

Contribution to the Miles’ report “Construction – Review of European RTD and related activities 1996”

Contribution to the “Communication on the competitiveness of the construction industry” and to its action plan

Commentary on the Preliminary Guidelines for the 5th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development Activities

Preparation and informal submission of contributions to the following 5FP key actions:

The City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage

Economic and efficient energy for a competitive Europe

RTD activities of a generic nature – New materials and their production and transformation

Innovative products, processes and organization

Contact Information

Mr. Carlo De Pauw
Executive Secretariat ENBRI
European Network of Building Research Institute
Poincaré, 79
B-1060 BRUSSELS, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 716 42 11 / +32 2 655 77 11
Fax: +32 2 725 32 12 / +32 2 653 07 29
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